Wet Pipe System

We use the wet pipe system for fire sprinklers. They are reliable and simple. When there is a fire, water runs through the piping through the sprinkler heads by the water supply.

Specifically, we use the BlazeMaster® CPVC system, which is the most specified non-metallic fire sprinkler piping system in existence. It is approved for all light hazard applications. We use the BlazeMaster system because:

  • It has amazing durability
  • Limits smoke spreading
  • Is efficient for space, meaning installation is not as intrusive as other systems
  • We can install it quickly
  • It has corrosive properties
  • It resists microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC)

We use the flat concealed sprinkler cover. These are automatic, fast responding sprinklers.

Decoratively, these are very attractive to our clients, as they have a cover plate which hides the deflector, and is concealed above the ceiling. The cover plate is flat, with a diameter of 2-5/8 inch, 68mm. This design and concealing feature allows for fast and simple installation, and is a favourite with our clients.

Some of its features are:

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